Ms. Katz

True Story…

Ms. Kat was walking along the River Walk one sunny day. She suddenly tripped on the
cobblestone and fractured her pelvic bone leaving her unable to work for several months. She was
starting to heal from her fall and contracted shingles. This set her back several more months, leaving her
unable to pay her bills with only receiving disability income. While going back and forth to her Dr. appts
she contracted COVID and again left her being severely tired and weak. She had fallen behind on her
Mortgage and HOA Payments. This sent her into foreclosure, and she was on the verge of losing her
home. With the help of APRMG we were able utilize a Reverse Mortgage, get her HOA dues current,
payoff her mortgage to free up the monthly payment burden, AND give her a steady cash flow to live
comfortably for the remainder of her life. This is a true success, and such a rewarding outcome!
If you have a file that may not make obvious sense, or sounds like a desperate situation, don’t pass it up!
Reach out to us to see how we can help make it a true success!